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Special events

Special events


During the year we have several special events in our assembly as follows: 

The Passover meal 
In the spring we celebrate the Passover meal together and we invite non-believers to join us. This is one of the most important events, in which we can invite non-believers to hear about the lamb of God who carries away the sin of the world .

The Jaffa assembly’s yearly conference 
Usually on the month of December we go together with the brothers and sisters in the assembly for a weekend in a guest-house somewhere in Israel. The purpose of this weekend is to strengthen the ties between the believers in the fellowship .

Friday’s evenings 
Every first Friday of the month we have the Lord’s supper on Friday at 17:30. After the Lord’s supper we have a meal together and then we have a short sermon. The morning after we do not have a meeting. We saw that non-believers came to those Friday’s evenings and we could share with them the good gospel.


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